The way to achieve beautiful skin rejuvenation results is by causing your natural healing stimulation.

Your skin has an ability to repair itself when injured. Dermapen is an electronic device.

It's microneedling will place a stress on the skin via pinhole punctures causing the body to flood the treatment area with collagen, elastin and fibroblasts. These are the very essence of young, plump and bright skin and it is their absence that makes one visibly age.

This healing cascade speeds up recovery and ultimately recreates a youthful radiant skin appearance and results in a bright complexion, plus improved skin structure.

Dermapen can be used for stretch marks and scarring.

The simple act of skin rejuvenation will help minimize skin ageing but the improved skin structure will equally:

  • Erase wrinkles

  • Minimise scars

  • Minimize pigmentation

  • Minimize pore size 

  • Remove skin lesions 

  • Achieving a bright even complexion


Additional amount added for additional areas.
10% Discount on a package deal.